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F-list cut.

I'm sorry. I've cutted some people on my f-list. It was about this time anyways. Sorry, If you see on your f-list that my username, kayimi, is not there, please de-friend me.

if you still would like me to friend you back, then please, leave a comment here and i will decide then to either add you back or for you to de-friend me. please and thank you.

if you would like to check if i am still on your list, please feel free to check on my profile @ kayimi. ♥

I have either cutted you due to some reasons:
       1. we have distanced too much,
       2. we dont really know each other still,
       3. you don't leave much comments here,
       4. personal reasons.

dont worry, I've only cutted like around 5-10 people.

comments are screened. ♥

if you have not been cut, which I think most of you arent, you can feel free to ignore this post.
but please check if you are still on my list. please and thanks. ♥

dont worry, I still love you alll~ ♥
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