★ ━ [ kayimi-chan ] 彡 (kayimi) wrote,
★ ━ [ kayimi-chan ] 彡


To be among this interesting friends list of mine, there are a few simple things you want to know. ..

◆ . Stuff happening on my LJ, stays there.
◇ . No drama, I'm quite the emotional person, a little thing can make me go crazy. :3
◆ . Comment once in a while. ;D The more comments, the happier I get. ♥
◇ . Have something in common, so we can relate or what not!
◆ . Respect. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
◇ . Let me know that why I should add you, and where you found me by leaving me a comment.
◆ . Please tell me where or why you want to add me, just curious.

Its just common sense. Seriously. Nothing much to do.
I don't bite, not often that is. So don't be afraid to comment and friend! ♥
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